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5 Ways of Improving Productivity in Your Home Office

It’s much easier to be lazy during work hours while you’re home, than surrounded by busy co workers, isn’t it? You’re in the comfort of your own home, you’re your own boss, there’s no one pushing you to meet your deadlines… If you really allow yourself this kind of freedom, your business, no matter what kind it is, will fail before you even started making some good money. In order to prevent all this, you should go through the next five tips, and do your best to apply them. So, check them out!

Do the Hardest Task First

You have probably heard about the “eating the frog” theory. If you do the most complicated tasks first, without delaying them, you’ll be able to arrange the rest of your working hours casually, and solve one problem set in front of you slowly, with no pressure whatsoever. It can be quite difficult to make yourself set your mind on those difficult tasks in front of you first thing in the morning, but with some determination, you’ll adopt that habit before you know it, and your productivity will increase significantly.

Trigger Productive Mode

This one is a bit tricky, because it’s completely individual. During your college years, you have probably discovered the conditions that help you learn better, so you should definitely apply them in order to increase productivity in your home office. However, if those conditions simply don’t work for you anymore, you should try out a couple of new things, so you can find the one that works best for you.

For example, if you’re competitive, you should try to trigger your productive mode by having an imaginary race with your deadlines, and always tend to beat your high scores. On the other hand, you may be in a rut because you fell into some kind of routine, which you can easily get out of by introducing your office space to a couple of small irrelevant changes. Some people can focus better and work harder when they are exposed to just the right amount of background distractions, so you should probably try this, as well.

There’s one common mistake a lot of people make, and they consider it to be a highly productive method – multitasking. It’s a scientific fact that you only do less by multitasking, so this is one habit you definitely need to get rid of.

Music Helps Brain Work

Whether you’re surrounded with your family in your home office or not, music can be quite helpful when it comes to improving productivity. An experiment showed that background music in major cords can help a lot when it comes to repetitive tasks, but also when you need to distract yourself from the noise around you, no matter if it’s in the actual office or the improvised one in your home.

Keep Sticky Notes Around

You never know when your inspiration may strike, so you should definitely lead some type of diary. If that’s too much for you, and if it’ll take too much of your time, having sticky notes around you will definitely do the trick, no matter if they are on your computer desktop or your actual desktop. Write down every idea that comes to your mind, even if you consider it sounds silly or dull, and elaborate its stages whenever you find enough time.

Keep Your Space Clean

Your working space needs to be absolutely clutter free, especially if all you need for you work is your computer. Clutter around you will slow you down, and make it difficult for you to increase your productivity, so everything you don’t use must go. You should replace those excess items with a desk lamp which will improve lighting in your room, and a plant or two, which will affect your mind positively and cause the feeling of calmness.

In the end, I’d like to add one more thing – pay attention to your nutrition, and tend to eat healthy, because one of the preconditions of improving productivity in general is having enough energy. I hope you’ll find my suggestion insightful, and if you do apply any of them, I’d really like you to let me know how it goes!

The Perks of Organizing an Annual Family Photo Session

We are all proud of our little, or sometimes quite big families and wish to capture everyone on film so we can look back at different periods in our lives and do some nostalgic reminiscing. It is good to have some family pictures to look at, but the mere act of taking them on a regular basis can have some great benefits that most people neglect. While taking selfies can be said to be a form of self-exploration, you’ll definitely appreciate good family photos and will gain much from the photo shoot experience if you get into the habit of taking them annually. Here are some of the perks that await those who take up this fun practice.

Pic 1

Keeping everyone up to speed with family news

The way the world is today and the way people interact with each other – hectic and rushed on a daily basis, living apart from the rest of the family and barely conversing outside of social media updates – your extended family won’t have a lot of chances to keep track of you are doing. With an annual family photo session you have a great opportunity to let your parents and various relatives see how your life is going and to keep your faces fresh in their memory.

It’s a great way to gauge the progress of your kids over the years

Kids grow up very quickly and they change a lot through the years, so it is easy to lose sight of a particular moment in their lives. Having a few high-quality pictures of you and your kids from every single year up until now is a great way to see just how much they have grown, the small changes in their appearance and character and to get an insight in just how fast life goes by, reminding you to cherish and love your family and not get lost in small insignificant details.

pic 2

Capturing fun memories that will last you a lifetime

There are surely hundreds of little wonderful moments that would be lost to the ravages of time if it were not for a picture to help you remember them. The things is, it’s all these small fun, funny and sweet moments that matter the most in terms of building strong interpersonal bonds and keeping you in a positive mental and emotional state. Whether goofy, interesting, confusing or romantic, these moments should be remembered and cherished.

You can look forward to providing future generations some insight into their heritage

It’s not something modern people think about that much, but new generations will come after us and newer still after them – making sure that they have a strong link to their heritage and know how their ancestors were, how they looked like and how they lived should be one of our priorities. A big photo album with several generations of the family really gives a person a sense of belonging and a respect for their culture.

pic 3

Family photos can be a visual time capsule reminding you of a different time

While the family aspect is very important, a picture will also reveal interesting tidbits on the fashion, tastes and way of living in a bygone era. If you’ve lived to see your adolescent son or daughter laugh out loud looking at the picture of you in your best 80-ies clothes, once cool hairstyle and some technology that seems ancient and alien to them, then you know what I am talking about.

Creative family photos can be great décor

We come to a more practical side of things now, and it’s the fact that having a number of great family photos taking from year to year will provide you with some really cool and inexpensive home décor. Frame 10-15 pictures from years past in the hallway, living room or the staircase wall, and you will definitely liven up your home and give guests something to talk to you about. They are wonderful ice breakers during family reunions or when that uncle or grandma you haven’t seen in a few years comes to visit.

Annual family photo sessions are in themselves a very fun and interesting experience – whether it’s just two people in loved, mom and dad with kids or a portrait of you and your extended family – but they will also help capture the evolution of your family for both you and newer generations in the future.

pic 4

Why should I recycle my empty ink cartridges?

If you have always been tossing your empty ink cartridges in the trash, you’re not alone. Some studies show that 60-80% of empty ink cartridges find their way to a landfill. It is definitely a disappointing fact considering how damaging these empty cartridges are for our environment.

ecycle empty ink cartridges

What you should understand is that inkjet cartridges are made using the plastic, which is a petroleum-based product. This plastic takes about 1,000 years to decompose, and if you throw them into the recycle bin, the chances are that they will end up in incinerators or landfills.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should consider recycling your empty ink cartridges.

  • The biggest advantage of recycling is that it reduces water and air pollution associated with incineration, landfilling, or the manufacturing of new cartridges.
  • By choosing to recycle your empty ink cartridges, you will help conserve natural resources such as water, timber, minerals, oil, and more. It’s obvious that you don’t need to use these natural resources if you don’t have to produce new cartridges.
  • It will always leave a positive impact on the energy use – it saves more energy than you might think.
  • By recycling, you will play a part in keeping emissions of greenhouse gases to its minimum – this will also help resolve the issue of global climate change.
  • By recycling your empty ink cartridges, you will be playing a huge role in sustaining the environment for our future generations.


It is worth mentioning that contrary to popular belief, recycled or remanufactured cartridges are quite like the new ones.  It means you don’t have to sacrifice quality when you buy remanufactured cartridges; in fact, you will be saving money and doing your environment a huge favor because it takes more than three pounds of resources to make a brand new cartridge, and you will be saving it all by recycling your empty cartridges.