How to print from the internet

With all the navigating and exploring of the internet, you will soon come across a page that would like to keep in the old-fashioned way – in a paper format. That’s exactly when you will have to make use of your printer. It is easy to operate a printer while working on a document stored on your PC, but you may have to deal with certain issues when printing the web pages.


The interesting thing is that different browsers allow you to save an entire page or any part of it, including graphics, text, or links. Once you know what to do, it will become extremely simple to use your printer every time you find something worth printing. Here’s how you should proceed.


  • The first thing you should bear in mind is that most web pages are often bigger than an A4 page, which means it’s not easy to guess how many pages you will get of print. The best thing is to first use “Print Preview” option and then ‘Print’.
  • In any browser, you will find the “Print’ icon – it’s usually under ‘File’ tab on your browser. Once you click the Icon, you will also find a drop-down menu. Click Print Preview.
  • This will give you a preview of how much of a web page is going to be printed on one page. It is possible to see the number of pages the printer is going to print by checking page numbers at the bottom of your screen.
  • You may also click the Print button and check the dialogue box that lets you select the number of pages you want printed. You will also find some radio buttons that allow you to select the content that you want on the printout. Once you’re sure of everything, simply click ‘Print’ – that’s pretty much it!
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