How to Save money when printing


Considering the fact that printer ink runs you about £25 to £35 per minuscule cartridge, producing around 400 to 1000 printed pages, it makes sense to find a way to lower the cost of printing. Interestingly, there has been a 30% increase in ink prices since 2009, which means things are going to be even expensive in the future.

Here are a few paper-saving tips that will ultimately help you save more money.

  • Even if printing is a substantial business expense, you should learn to have more control over it. It is true that you cannot stop printing mailing labels, packing slips, legal paperwork, and much more, but you can definitely avoid printing maps, memos, baseball scores, and other “interesting articles” that should have not been printed, as they only fill up the recycling bins in your office.
  • You may consider using a duplexing printer that can use both sides of a page for printing. It allows you to cram more info onto each side of the page.
  • Using the option to shrink to fit on one page is a good paper-saving trick. By activating this option, you will be able to print more on fewer pages – the printer will not use a new page just to print a few lines.

It is also possible to save money by saving ink. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Check and change the font of your document. By using a small font that is readable and still keeps your letter to one page, you will be able to save a lot of ink and print more pages in the end.
  • It is possible to save ink and money by printing in lower quality draft mode – you may also want to print in ‘black and white’ to save ink.
  • Whether you’re using a laser printer or an Inkjet, you may save money by investing on cheap cartridges from third parties. It is easy to find non-OEM ink for a range of printer models – you can produce good quality prints with these cartridges and still save money that you would otherwise be spending on branded ink cartridges.

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