Inkjet Printer vs Laser/Toner Printer

It is easy to find a range of Inkjet, laser, and multifunction printers to make a choice. The problem is that when it comes to making a choice between a laser and an Inkjet printer, most people find them in serious confusion. The simple way out is to determine your needs first and then compare it with the capabilities/features of these printers.

It is worth mentioning that both laser and Inkjet printers have their pros and cons that you should know before finalizing a purchase.

1- Inkjet vs Laser printers

Pros and Cons of Inkjet Printers

The Inkjet printer produces prints simply by spraying variable size ink droplets on your printing paper. Due to the simple working process, it can print on several types of paper, including high-end glossy photograph paper, cheap office paper, and so on. With these printers, you don’t have to wait before printing, as the warm-up time is little to none. It is possible to refill your ink cartridges and use them again – it saves you a lot of money in the process.

On the downside, the prints you get from an Inkjet printer are susceptible to fading and water-damage – that’s mainly because the ink is water-based and may not last long. Moreover, you may have to clean your ink cartridges on a regular basis –an aspect that makes laser printers more popular. Above all, you may have to spend a lot of money to buy a brand new inkjet cartridge.

Pros and Cons of Laser Printers

Unlike an Inkjet printer, laser printers develop the image of your document onto an electrically charged printing drum. The printer uses dry ink to spray the image – the ink or toner then sticks to the charged area, and as the drum rolls over your paper, it produces a crispy printout.  The best thing about these printers is that they can process an image at a fast pace, which is why they have a better print per page ratio as compared to inkjet printers.

However, you will have to notice a delay in the initial printing startup time because these printers take a bit of a time to warm up. Moreover, the difference in inkjet cartridges and toner is quite huge with toner being the more expensive option.

It all boils down to the fact that both inkjet and laser printers have their advantages and disadvantages. To make a right choice, you need to consider how often you’re going to use your printer and for how many pages. For simple day-to-day printing, try Inkjet printers. If you’re a serious printer user, try a laser printer – it prints quickly and is a better choice considering the overall printing cost.

Article Written By Steven Longsdale
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