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Lexmark 1000-1020-1100 Ink Cartridges

  • These products are guaranteed to work with your Lexmark 1000-1020-1100 printer.

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Premium Remanufactured

Remanufactured Lexmark 13619HC Colour Ink cartridge

Remanufactured Lexmark 13619HC Colour High Capacity Ink cartridge More...

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Lexmark 1000-1020-1100

These may be entry-level inkjet printers, but they are anything but basic. The Lexmark 1000, 1020 and 1100 Colour Jet printers provide high-quality printing in both monochrome and colour. The fastest print speeds you can expect from these machines are 3.5 pages per minute black and white, and 1 page per minute colour. The maximum print resolution will come with those colour printings, 600 x 600 dpi. The Lexmark 1000, 1020 and 1100 are ideal for personal users or students.