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Original HP 56/57 Ink Cartridges Combo-pack (SA342AE)

Original HP 56/57  Ink Cartridges Combo-pack  (SA342AE)

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Additional Information

Quantity in stock In Stock
Cartridge Type Original
Ink Capacity (ml) 19ml black 17ml colour
Colour Black Colour

This product is guaranteed to work in the following printers:

HP DeskJet 450cbi HP DeskJet 450ci HP DeskJet 450wbt
HP DeskJet 5100 Series HP DeskJet 5145 HP DeskJet 5150
HP DeskJet 5151 HP DeskJet 5160 HP DeskJet 5168
HP DeskJet 5500 HP DeskJet 5510 HP DeskJet 5550
HP DeskJet 5550V HP DeskJet 5550W HP DeskJet 5551
HP DeskJet 5552 HP DeskJet 5600 Series HP DeskJet 5650
HP DeskJet 5650W HP DeskJet 5652 HP DeskJet 5655
HP DeskJet 5850 HP DeskJet 5850W HP DeskJet 6110
HP DeskJet 7345 HP DeskJet 9600 HP DeskJet 9650
HP DeskJet 9670 HP DeskJet 9680 HP Digital Copier 410
HP OfficeJet 1200 HP OfficeJet 2110 HP OfficeJet 4100 Series
HP OfficeJet 4110 HP OfficeJet 4110V HP OfficeJet 4110XI
HP Officejet 4115 HP OfficeJet 4200 Series HP Officejet 4211
HP OfficeJet 4212 HP OfficeJet 4215 HP OfficeJet 4215V
HP OfficeJet 4215XI HP OfficeJet 4219 HP Officejet 4251
HP OfficeJet 4252 HP OfficeJet 4255 HP Officejet 4259
HP OfficeJet 5160 HP OfficeJet 5500 Series HP OfficeJet 5505
HP Officejet 5508 HP OfficeJet 5510 HP OfficeJet 5515
HP Officejet 5605 HP OfficeJet 6100 HP Officejet 6105
HP OfficeJet 6110 HP OfficeJet 6110XI HP OfficeJet 6127
HP Officejet 6150 HP OfficeJet 6612 HP PhotoSmart 2410
HP PhotoSmart 7150 HP PhotoSmart 7150V HP Photosmart 7155
HP Photosmart 7155w HP PhotoSmart 7200 HP PhotoSmart 7260
HP PhotoSmart 7260V HP PhotoSmart 7260W HP Photosmart 7268
HP PhotoSmart 7345 HP PhotoSmart 7350 HP PhotoSmart 7350V
HP Photosmart 7400 HP PhotoSmart 7450 HP PhotoSmart 7459
HP Photosmart 7530 HP PhotoSmart 7550 HP PhotoSmart 7550V
HP PhotoSmart 7550W HP Photosmart 7600 HP Photosmart 7600w
HP Photosmart 7655 HP PhotoSmart 7660 HP PhotoSmart 7660V
HP PhotoSmart 7660W HP PhotoSmart 7700 Series HP PhotoSmart 7755
HP PhotoSmart 7760 HP PhotoSmart 7760V HP PhotoSmart 7760W
HP PhotoSmart 7762 HP Photosmart 7765 HP PhotoSmart 7960
HP PhotoSmart 7960V HP PhotoSmart 7960W HP PSC 1100
HP PSC 1110 HP PSC 1200 HP PSC 1205
HP PSC 1209 HP PSC 1210 HP PSC 1210A2L
HP PSC 1210V HP PSC 1210XI HP PSC 1213
HP PSC 1215 HP PSC 1217 HP PSC 1219
HP PSC 1300 HP PSC 1310 HP PSC 1311
HP PSC 1315 HP PSC 1315V HP PSC 1315XI
HP PSC 1317 HP PSC 1340 HP PSC 1350
HP PSC 1350V HP PSC 1350XI HP PSC 1355
HP PSC 2100 HP PSC 2105 HP PSC 2108
HP PSC 2110 HP PSC 2110V HP PSC 2110XI
HP PSC 2115 HP PSC 2170 HP PSC 2171
HP PSC 2175 HP PSC 2175V HP PSC 2175XI
HP PSC 2200 Series HP PSC 2210 HP PSC 2210V
HP PSC 2210XI HP PSC 2405 HP PSC 2410
HP PSC 2410V HP PSC 2410XI HP PSC 2420
HP PSC 2500 Series HP PSC 2510 HP PSC 2510XI
Original HP 56/57 Ink Cartridges black and colour Combo-pack (SA342AE)

All the ink your all-in-one needs. The Original HP 56/57 Ink Cartridges Combo-pack (SA342AE) makes it easy on you, your printer, and your wallet. This pack contains two separate cartridges, one black and one tri-colour. Together they contain all the ink your printer needs to create everything from quick copies to glossy marketing materials. The Original HP 56/57 Ink Cartridges Combo-pack (SA342AE) provides 19 ml of HP’s genuine bold black ink, and 17 ml of HP’s genuine high-intensity cyan, magenta and yellow ink.